Gatchi designs and builds homes, buildings, infrastructure and business that expand human opportunities for pursuing creative, productive, meaningful endeavours that also work with and regenerate the natural environment. Our team has designed and implemented hundreds of sustainable projects, led sustainability in numerous businesses in Australia and internationally, and delivered hundreds of sustainability initiatives around the world over the last three decades. Together with our own personal journey experience of living ecologically positive lifestyles, we are ready to help you achieve your aims, whether they be for an eco-home, a self-sufficient lifestyle, an eco-village or housing development, or any other type of sustainable commercial/industrial development, or business ecological transformation.

Retrofitting the built environment, our lifestyles and business to enable people and nature to thrive in mutual abundance. Breaking down this vision into the various sectors we work in we will see:
  • Globally – Climate stabilisation, regenerative, thriving and integral natural/human environments.
  • Individuals – Make a difference – let your life speak, be part of the solution and be more valued in your community.
  • Households – debt and expenses, make your home abundant in energy, water, food, beauty and joy.
  • Communities/Neighborhoods – Thriving communities with renewable energy, water, food, and resources recycling projects.
  • Business/Councils –See your organisation become ‘ecologically relevant’, see a step improvement in staff engagement, and business resilience.

Building ecologically regenerative buildings, infrastructure and business that in turn enables people to live sustainable, creative and purposeful lives. Breaking down this vision into the various sectors we work in we will see:

  • Ecological Constructions and Products;
  • Ecological Business Ecological Suburbs/Neighbourhoods;
  • Ecological Cities; Ecological Bio Regions;
  • and To enable us to all have creative, fun, and purposeful lives.

Gatchi is a team committed to ‘ecological living’, a goal that has shaped our lives and professions. We are a mix up of many skills and experiences, but the key ingredient we share is the commitment to ‘walk the talk’ and keep our skills grounded in real world experience. Together our team have over 200 years of experience including hundreds of sustainable building, business and policy projects, experience that we happily bring to each and every project. We welcome our Clients to join with our team, to share the journey making this world a better place.