Gatchi's people have worked on the following Projects...

Occasional Sustainability, Design and Engineering Lecturing and Tutoring.

Program management of the Queensland Government Water Efficiency Programme

Provided for Sustainability Victoria the review of the original Green Star (Australia) building sustainability rating tool for the Green Building Council of Australia

Advice to the technical maintenance contractor to Southbank Tafe (Brisbane) on the asset life factors employed in the FM systems, whist engaged as the lead surveyor to the project.

Panel member developing Sustainability Policy for Queensland Health.

Provision of consulting for a ‘Renewable Bulk Buy’ scheme for Gold Coast City Council for all households in the electorate.

Occasional Sustainability, Design and Engineering Lecturing and Tutoring

Provided a guest lecture on the subject of organic waste processing and recycling.

Conducted a comprehensive review and assessment of the entire Facilities Management Operation for the Parliament of Australia.

Delivered a guest lecture on the subject of the Brundtland Report.

Contributed to the development of Guidelines for Sustainable Buildings Design Policy for Cairns Regional Council.

Provision of the ‘Tune Up Canberra’ . A major project engaging with business representatives across Canberra and with the State Authority to implement improved commercial building energy efficiency performance.

Delivered a waste processing business plan to the Council of Milton Keynes (UK).

Provision of advice for the City of Sydney Renewables Master Plan.

Co-Authorship of a Government Cabinet paper advising on Green Building policy.

Provision of consulting for a ‘Asset Prioritisation’ program for the Facilities Management department of the University of Queensland.

Provision of a Carbon Footprint report for Queensland Corrective Services.

Independent sustainability consulting for the CRC for Construction Innovation.

Membership of the Queensland Green Building Assessment Panel.

Independent sustainability consulting advising and editing the original application that resulted in the funding of the Sustainable Built Environment National Research Centre.

Panel member advisor for sustainable building policy for the Victoria Government Department of Education and Training.

Provision of consulting on anaerobic digestion of organic wastes and the production of heat and power, fertiliser and compost.

Program manager for the fast track roll out of IT Infrastructure in 14 Crown Courts.

Created a new service delivery capability for a 20,000 strong UK Government department (Public works – aka Property Services Agency), approved by Board and launched the new, Organic Waste Recycling and Processing Service.

Carbon emission reduction study, report and presentation to the Dean and Board of University College London.

Prepared, upon the invitation of the Greater London Council, a sustainability strategy document outlining how sustainability could be migrated though existing technical maintenance contracts throughout the GLC.

Contributed to the Solar Energy Guidelines for the Green Building Council of Australia.

Design of application form for SA Government ‘Low Energy Lighting Rebate’ programme.

Contributed to the content of the Australian Government ESD Design Guide.

Commissioned to provide an ‘eco-campus’ strategy and feasibility paper which was delivered to the university Chancellor.

Hattersley Schools PFI – UK\nPFI Technical Risk Advisor for MEP and sustainability services for the design, build, finance and operation (DBFO) of 3 schools in Tameside & their maintenance & FM for a 30 yr period. The service financier were Interserve and Uberior Infrastructure Investments Limited.

Wirral Schools PFI – UK\nProvided MEP and sustainability due diligence and risk assessment services for this Public Finance Initiative project. This project involved the complete replacement of two schools and the extension, refurbishment and maintenance of seven schools. The service provider was Jarvis and financier Sunlife Assurance.

Portsmouth Social Services – PFI Project UK\nPFI Technical Advisor providing MEP and sustainability due diligence and risk assessment services for this Public Finance Initiative project.